Healthy Tips and Meal Ideas

3 Smoothies to Soothe the Nervous System and Build the Immune System

These healthy smoothie recipes are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients to soothe the nervous system and build the immune system.

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This is 50!

I now know heading into 50 that the beauty of life is the ebb and flow, the growth and the transformation to become who you are everyday!

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Fall Cleanse to Reset Our Minds, Bodies and Souls

Join us for a 5-day cleanse to pour into yourself, while being fed delicious and nourishing food with 3 practitioners to share their healing modalities.

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7-Day Retreat to Growth and Transformation

I am so excited to announce a FREE 7-Day Retreat July 5-11. It will inspire a relationship with food that brings peace and connection.

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Why Do People Cleanse?

I began cleansing always with the concept that I would drop some quick weight; however, there are many cleanses and they all can serve different purposes.

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What do I do?

You can read about me in My Story, but let me explain a little here what I actually do. I love food, specifically plant food, and especially food as medicine!

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Nutritional Nuggets Podcast

Nutrition Nugget 1

My first nutrition nugget isn’t even really about nutrition, but more about the cumulative effects of making Itzy Bitzy choices on your health or healing journeys that add up to amazing changes. 

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Introduction Series of 3: Part 3

This episode took me a year to walk through. I just wasn’t ready to share the final health challenge that lead me to so dearly enjoying sharing eating for health with all of you! Take a listen.

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Introduction Series of 3: Part 2

This is my sharing about the choices that brought me to sobriety and how that deepened my understanding of food as energy and medicine!

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  1. I love the info in this article ! I tend to have very high anxiety and I find eating healthy helps me to balance this . I feel most heavy and anxiety in the gut area so thee smoothly recipes are ideal! Thanks 🙂

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