What do I do?

I know that it is a little fuzzy. What do I actually do? You can read about me in the My Story tab, but let me explain a little here. I love food, specifically plant food, and especially food as medicine!

A friend and colleague created this super fun Video Business Card all about me and my desire to share food as medicine. Her name is Corinne Thiessen on Instagram @funfacevideo and Facebook @Corinee Thiessen. She is an absolute hoot and a creative mastermind that inspires me daily!

I believe there to be a huge disconnection between what we put in our bodies and how that directly affects our lives. Gratefully, science is understanding the connection between gut and brain health and the vaguest nerve access. If one is off, so will the other.

I am not a doctor so I can NOT tell you what you are working with in terms of blood levels and diagnoses, but I can be a part of the missing link in the space between what a doctor diagnoses you with, and the inevitability of ending up at home feeling crappy, confused and disassociated from how to change the outcome of your dis-ease. I will NOT tell you, not to follow the doctor’s advice, but I will lift you up to help you to find confidence in being your own health advocate. It is my joy to teach looking at food as not an object that must be done, but a gift that we get to enjoy!

Food has become an afterthought, but it is largely responsible for the reasons we feel the way we do. It is basic and yet not. If you want to feel shitty then eat shittily, and if you want to feel vibrant and connected to your mind, body and spirit then eat from a place of love and nourishment! I am here to help you find this place in yourself and to connect the dots. I am always hearing from friends and clients, “I want to eat healthily but I don’t know how”? I want to help you with this question. We are all bio-individuals and so what works for another might not work for you, so let’s find what works for you and give yourself the ultimate gift of self-love!

To add to this element of support, education and health accountability, I also come from a background of 20 years in and out of the food and beverage industry, with the last 7 as a private chef. I have cooked and cooked and worked to hunt down and test and play with recipes. I have some good ones and will share them along with prepping tips and ways that feeding yourself healthy food doesn’t have to be so laborious, but exciting!

Join me in health by checking out the Coaching tab and see what my program entails. Hit the Connect tab to ask questions and let’s meet on Zoom and walk through the best ways to feel epic in this one life you get to live!

xo Amber

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