Why Do People Cleanse?

I began cleansing many years ago when I was in high school, always with the concept that I would drop some quick weight. It is the motivating factor for most people thinking about a cleanse, and it does happen, but that weight almost always comes back if the root cause of weight gain is not addressed. I will explain why that happens, but let’s first connect with why we initially want to drop weight. When we quit eating refined carbs, and sugar, and remove sweetened drinks, alcohol and coffee we often are decreasing the overall inflammation in the body which can cause excess water weight from the excessive salt, sugar and chemicals in our diets. For those with excess inflammation, a change in drinking lemon water and eating more vegetables and fruits can result in the initial “weight loss”.

Bucket of fruit harvested from an orchard on Oahu, Hawaii

There are many cleanses and they all can serve different purposes. What I have noticed in my years of trying a bunch of different types of cleanses is that in the end, I often felt weak and tired, not revitalized and energetic as I wanted to feel. When we calorically deplete our bodies we can be left with the feeling of food scarcity, a response that can then lead to binging on all the food we were trying to cut out the moment we finish the cleanse. Has anyone finished a fast or cleanse and ended it with a slice of cake and a glass of Champagne? And it didn’t feel good, but what it did teach me is that I really enjoy feeling so good at the end of a cleanse, that I want to keep going!

Over the years what I enjoy most about cleansing is removing inflammatory foods, focusing on fluids and nourishing foods that revitalize and reset my mind, body and soul! That is just the experience I hope to produce for you with this upcoming cleanse I am releasing to 10 local folks in the Roaring Fork Valley. I have created a cleanse to bring nourishment and energy into your life as well as reset your mind around how you want to feel, and what your purpose is that drives you. We will also connect through Zoom after you receive your food and cleanse packet and review the information in a one-hour meeting, connecting and talking through any questions you might have.

There are typically 4 times a year, with the changes of season, that are considered the best times to recalibrate the body. If you only want to cleanse once a year, Spring sits as the best time to transition from the heavily cooked foods of winter to a fresh diet of fruits and vegetables. I have created a cleanse with 3 days of organic, vegan and lovingly made foods created by me. You will have breakfast, lunch and dinner along with a nourishing biome broth to begin to heal the belly, as well as juices and nut milks to provide healthy snacks if needed throughout the day. It should be the caloric load that provides nourishment, while not leaving you depleted or feeling deprived. Within your daily schedule, I have designed it to create a 16-hour break from food overnight. This gives your body time to repair and rest while you sleep. Every day has journal prompts and different activities to help you reconnect with yourselves. In the evenings I have three amazing women who will be leading workshops on meditation, breath work and energy alignment, so after 3 days you will feel the reset you need to drop some habits and reconnect with what lights your soul on fire!

Here is where we will discuss keeping the weight off and continuing on the road to health. You will connect with the choices you were making in the foods you were eating before the cleanse, and ask yourself if they were serving you. Heading into the future you can decide what you will actively decide to not bring back into your diet for as long as you can. I find by making small changes, versus the all-or-none approach, helps to keep us on a path of action with our health. Small changes resonate through our lives and can’t help but to turn into more small changes!

I am providing an introductory cost that is above and beyond for 3 meals a day with 4 evening classes on Zoom. Head to my Store and commit to your health! Can’t wait to care for you my friends, this is my language of love!

Cheers to Health XO

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