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"The R.I.S.E. Retreat was the refresh that I was looking for. During the pandemic, I lost focus on taking care of myself and eating well, and it affected my overall wellness. Now, I am ready to add in slow changes for better energy and physical health for me and my family. Amber's mix of teaching us the science about nutrition in our bodies combined with a real love for food made me feel excited about cooking at home and grocery shopping. I even created one of the recipes right away and looking forward to "eating the rainbow" and more plant-based meals on a regular basis. Her presentation is genuine, respectful, and inclusive, and the content really clicked with me. I enjoy it when she shares her own personal journey with us as it helped me realize that we can all find happiness and health in ourselves through nutrition. I am looking forward to being a member of her 6-month program." -Billie Rae Busby, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (age 46)


Since I launched Itzy Bitz of Health and the Rise Up Membership there has been so much growth! As a private chef, I love feeding people and as a nutrition coach, I love talking about how you can feed yourself for your goals. I have learned so much about communicating and sharing nutritional information it is so exciting! I can't stop and won't stop! Right now let me get you caught up on how you can work with me!

First I have put together a really easy option in the Rise Up Membership. For the cost of $58 per month (Head to my Store tab to sign up), we focus on a nutritional aspect each month such as gut health, stress, inflammation, the immune system, and weight loss. Every Monday you receive an email that guides you in through the chosen topic. Bi-monthly, you receive a low inflammatory meal plan that provides awareness around the monthly focus to help you with your approach to eating for health. It is supported by recipes and grocery lists. We also have one LIVE Zoom connection a month to ask questions and connect with others who are looking to improve their health with nutrition. Everything is saved in your Rise Up Membership Portal to make it easy for you to access past recordings, nutritional information, and meal plans. It is a way to really dive into your nutrition!

For those of you that want to go deeper with me and really address your bio-individual health, I have 1:1 coaching availability (this can be accessed in my Store as well). Additionally, you will get access to the Rise Up Membership as well, but we will connect weekly to work on your particular health concerns and build a plan designed for you. There is a 3-month option to work with me.

If you are interested and have questions about the Rise Up Membership or 1:1 coaching, I would love to have you book a FREE 15-minute Discovery Call with me. It is a way to connect and hear how I might help you, ask questions, and find out whether I am a fit for your health. Click the button below to schedule time with me.

Let's get started on your health!!

Click the Connect tab at the top of this website page to sign up for ongoing nutritional information, blog posts, and how to work with me! By doing so you will receive 3 Recipes to help decrease inflammation!

I am deeply looking forward to connecting with you,

xo Amber

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