Fall Cleanse to Reset Our Minds, Bodies and Souls

It has been since Spring that I have posted, and now here we are headed toward Fall!

Time is really moving these days. Life is moving fast in general, and trying to breathe and connect to the things that really matter has been a bit of a challenge for me this Summer. Last Spring I developed and lead a 3-day cleanse for a small group of people. I created all the delicious foods that everyone picked up the night before the cleanse. Every evening we meet on Zoom and we were led through meditation, breath work and energetic alignment. It was grounding, and tasty and everyone really enjoyed the time to connect with themselves and head into a new season charged with health.

I am really excited to share that I am once again going to offer this for the Fall transition. Today is officially the first day of Fall and the air is crisp and my garden is looking ready to be put to bed. With the need to slow down, I decided this time it will be 5 days, for a little more time to pour into yourself, while being fed delicious and nourishing food. There will be 3 practitioners visiting in the evening on Zoom to share their healing modalities. We will also connect Sunday evening before the cleanse to map out the week and answer any questions. Let’s head into Fall together and reset our minds, bodies and souls!

A sample of what a dinner during the cleanse looks like.

2 thoughts on “Fall Cleanse to Reset Our Minds, Bodies and Souls”

  1. Amber, I enjoyed your complimentary week long retreat immensely. Your “Mise en place” of nutritional wisdom, passion for wellness, scientific information and desire to help others is is perfectly balanced. I look forward to beginning the next workshop…….. headspace in gear!! Thank you!

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