Itzy Bitz of Health’s first post, and I am over the moon excited to connect!

I see health like a good bowl of soup; the balance of umami, sweetish yet savory, crunchy yet slurpy, and ultimately leaving us warmed deep down to our souls. While the world of nutrition and health can also be warming to the soul, filled with photos of delightfully mouth watering and vibrant foods, and peppered with uplifting and amazing people, it unfortunately can also be a place of discomfort and feelings of inadequacy. Diet after diet is geared toward quick weight loss, and when the weight comes back from the lack of education in learning a healthy approach to food, the result for some can be body dysmorphia and/or eating disorder’s clouded in the judgment of low self worth. Inadequacies in the health and wellness industry are often exacerbated by food scarcity, resulting in the lack of access, which is a troubling situation in a first world country where 40% of the food is thrown away annually.

Fundamentally and scientifically, nutrition is an important part of good health, whether we have the privilege to pay attention to it or not. The food we eat can be medicine or poison at it’s most basic level. With the knowledge that food is equal to energy, the concept of what we eat nutritionally can directly equate to how we are able to show up in our lives!

Today I would ask that you tap into a world that celebrates the triumphs of health, with support and inclusion. This looks different for everyone. I would also ask that as a community we work to create access to nutrition for all of humanity, knowing we are all incredibly important to the vitality of this earth. Remove the stigma around health and what society deems the present physical “look” to be, and replace it instead with acceptance of all body types. Take a look at health with an awareness of bio-individuality. This can help us to understand why one new food craze works for some but not for everyone. We all have different chemical makeups, we are all our own soup. The idea of growth and change are important concepts too. Today what works for me did not work for me 20 years ago, and what was a way in which I would never change 20 years ago, I have changed to better my health today.

Enter this space with love and acceptance. Share your truth from a place of curiosity, knowing we are all beautifully unique, and let this be a space we can all laugh and learn about food as medicine for the mind, body and spirit!

2 thoughts on “Kindness”

  1. I am interested in creating healthy eating habits and exercise regiment!!!! I have tools and wisdom but lack the drive and will power to commit fully. I’m interested in what you have to offer and highly respect the work you have done healing and living a healthy life. I know we talked about the shake program before and I was unwilling to commit as I was not a fan of the shake but this sounds and feels like a different deal all around. Let me know where to start and what the cost is to get started on feeling healthy and vibrant!

    1. Drea my site was down. Minute I tell anyone it crashes. It is up and running now so I just saw this note! Thanks for reaching out. You can check out my coaching options under the coaching tab and if this sounds of any interest let me know. I have many things in the works right now and am pumped to be diving in!!

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